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AEM Electronics X-Series Wideband AFR Gauge w/OBDII Connectivity- (Universal)

AEM Electronics X-Series Wideband AFR Gauge w/OBDII Connectivity- (Universal)

One of the most imperative insurance policies you can have on a turbocharged motor is having a quality wideband O2 sensor. Tuners use this device to get into the strike zone when tuning. But more importantly, if you are running too lean under boost then you will know it based on the AFR ratios. 

This is AEM's new X-Series Wideband that is now available with OBDII connectivity and integration. This is beneficial for tuners who are using piggyback tuning modules or open source software with the ability to see the AFRs through the factory CAN-bus stream to deliver more accurate and powerful tune. This wideband O2 gauge features patented X Digital Technology which makes it one of the fastest responding AFR controllers available on the market. The OBDII output will simulate an auxiliary ECU signal when plugged into the vehicle's ODB port, and the AEMs default OBDII CAN address will work with most popular vehicles and adjustments should not be necessary. AEM has provided OBDII address programmability through the buttons on the gauge face if a different address other than the default address is required. 

This wideband will come provided with an OBDII connector along with a Bosch 4.9LSU sensor that can be free-air calibrated or used with the factory resistor calibration. Wiring for a 0.5v or RS232 Serial Output can be added by the user for outputting to a data logger. A weld-in bung will also be provided to make this gauge ready for installation. 

Brand: AEM Electronics
Gauge Backlight Color: Red LED
Gauge Face Color: Black / White
Gauge Needle Color: Multi Color Sweeping LED
Gauge Range: 8.0:1 - 20.0:1
Gauge Size: 52mm
Gauge Type: Air Fuel
Requires Control Unit: No
Wideband Sensor Type: Bosch
Mfgr. Warranty: 1 Year
Condition: New Product
Return Policy: Standard




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