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Process West Verticooler Meth Injection Hose- (Subaru WRX 2015+)

Process West Verticooler Meth Injection Hose- (Subaru WRX 2015+)

The Process West Verticooler Meth Injection Hose is available for those who plan on running meth injection at some point. This hose has been designed with a proper meth injection provision for those looking to make a little more power. The benefit of meth injection allows users to produce more power for boosted vehicles running pump gas. Meth injection allows the motor to run more boost and more timing without having to resort to race gas due to high costs, or lack of resources. 

This hose has been made from multi-layered silicone that is resistant to heat and expansion. It will come in a black finish, and will come ready to install. This hose will be sold individually and is specific to the Process West Verticooler setup.

Brand: Process West
Material: Silicone
Quantity: 1
Type: Meth Injection Hose
Mfgr. Warranty: 1 Year
Condition: New Product
Return Policy: Standard

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